Hey Lou Dog!
Just got back from Costa Rica and the "world" board worked great… Remember this one?
Got a couple shots out at Jaco on it… thanks!

Wave Waapons Worldboard in Costa Rica

Worldboard in action in Costa Rica

Worldboard in action in Costa Rica

> Subject: My New Board: I Love it!
>> Thanks Lou Dog, I love my new board. I’m still getting accustomed to
>> it but it’s everything I’ve wanted in a board. Thanks again. I’ve
>> attached a photo for your happy customers page.
>> Don
>> — "You just gotta keep livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N"

Love the Wave Weapons Board

"You are a great person !! Thanks for the generosity, I bought that 5’6′ fish today and didn’t have the money for the board bag. You let me take it on my word. I would never get that kind of……… Well kindness. Thank you and I will see you within the next couple of days to square up. You have a life time customer. God Bless, Jeff"

"The board is beyond amazing! Fast, responsive, stable, and I can’t seem to make it nosedive!!! I am actually back in Iraq again…lol…but got to go out numerous times and will be taking it out more this December when I am back! Thank you soooo much! I couldn’t have described what I wanted more than what you created!

How are things in Oceanside? I just missed the month long swell…left right before… friends were telling me about it though. (they could have been BSing me though?)

Take care!

ApacheApache HowitzerHowitzer

John Cook

John Cook
Oceanside, CA
8’4" Fish

Wave Weapons Interceptor

Another satisfied local
Lyltle’s Interceptor
~ Hawaiian style ~

John Cook

Greg Smith
Oceanside, CA

Greg Smith
Oceanside, CA

Allison & Kim
Boca Raton, FL

Dr. Brock K.
Oceanside, CA

Erin Hanley
Cardiff, CA

Steve Long
Oceanside, CA

Oceanside, CA
Custom 5’10" 357 Magnum

Pacific Beach, CA

Christmas present for
Nick Matinez
San Diego, CA

David Sanchez
Vista, CA


Twin Fin Funshape

San Diego County,CA

Epoxy Noserider

So Cal.

high performance 6’8"
custom board


10’2 Lytle CC Noserider

Wave Waepons Customer Ms. Stacie

Ms. Stacie
Encinitas, CA

Wave Weapons Customer Fire Department

Local Fire Department boyz
San Diego County

Dr. Dirk
Santa Cruz, CA.
mega noserider 10’0

Wave Weapons Customer Claude

Oceanside, CA

Twin fin from early twin fin era