From their first use, boards are always getting dings. Damages happen from being dropped, hitting rocks, hitting other boards and/or surfers out in the water, or simply from bouncing around in the back of your truck. Once a board has a crack or hole in the glass, it can start taking in water. Once this happens, the board will become water-logged, weigh more, and not perform how it should. A common quick fix is to throw some duct tape over the crack. This really doesn’t solve the problem though.

Wave Weapons offers professional quality surfboard ding repair rush repair service, color matching, epoxy repair (Patagonia, Surf Tech, Stretch Boards, and others). Have an old classic that needs some professsional restoration work? Our staff is made up of knowledgeable, experienced people who can get the job done.

Rush Jobs

Wave Weapons offers a rush repair service. We can accomodate you in your time of need. Leaving on a trip? Need your magic board fixed for a contest? We have a 4 day rush option for an additional charge. If you have an extremely urgent repair – next day service is usually possible. Call for details. 760 809-6180

Color Match

Wave Weapons also offers color matching as another one of our many services. We can very closely match most colors. Due to the variance of some colors, we cannot guarantee a perfect match. But we will come pretty damn close. Color matching starts at $10.00

Epoxy Repair

Another service to be found at Wave Weapons. Our epoxy department is equipped to handle just about anything. We do quality work on epoxy boards from makers such as Patagonia, Surf Tech, and others.


Do you have an old classic that needs some TLC? Let Wave Weapons put the shine back into it before it goes on your wall.

Call for details 760 809-6180

Friendly Service

At Wave Weapons we do our best to make you happy. Our staff is made up of knowledgeable, nice people who actually care about what we do. Sometimes we even pass up good waves to get the job done.