Find all the acessories that you need for your surfboard at Wave Weapons. Leashes, wax, stomp pads, wetsuits, rash guards, car racks, wall racks and surfboard bags all at the best price.


Wax, you can’t surf without it. Wave Weapons carries Sticky Bumbs Wax in stock and ready to ship. Not sure what wax to select or how to wax your surfboard. Then click here to read our Comprehensive Guide on Surf Wax.

Stomp Pads

So you heard about the benefit of surfboard traction pads and want to know what the fuss is all about? Wave Weapons stocks the full line up of Pro-Lite traction.


Your surfboard fins are an essential ingredient to wave riding. Fins make the board go straight and enable you to turn. It seems like such a simple concept, but fin science can get rather complicated! Don’t let it overwhelm you. This fin guide will help you figure out how they work and how to optimize your own setup.


A surfboard leash is a must have accessory when buying a new surfboard.

You should get a leash about the same size as your surfboard. Unless you really like swimming, it is probably the most important piece of equipment next to your surfboard.

Board Bags

The Day Bag is the perfect surfboard bag to protect your surfboard from the daily abuse your board faces outside the water. We can supply all your Day Bag needs, from shortboard day bags to SUP day bags.


Wetsuits help to preserve body heat by trapping a layer of water against the skin; this water is consequently warmed by body heat and acts as an insulator. Water conducts heat away from the body approximately 25 times more efficiently than air, so an unprotected individual can succumb to hypothermia even in warm water on a warm day. Wetsuits are made out of closed-cell, foam neoprene, a synthetic rubber that contains small bubbles of nitrogen gas when made for use as wetsuit material. Nitrogen gas has very low thermal conductivity, so it reduces heat from the body (or the water trapped between the body and the wetsuit) from being lost to the water outside of the wetsuit.

Rash Vests

The Rashguard, sometimes referred to as a Rash Vest is an essential piece of equipment for the surfer. It’s uses are threefold. No 1 is that it stops you getting a rash when you are surfing (no great surprise there then). Rubbing yourself up against a surfboard to hours on end can chafe the old nips’, and leave you rather sore – not to mention those nice rashes under the arms and around your neck. No 2 is that they keep the sun off your skin. If you are out surfing in the mid day sun you will get burnt to a crisp – but not if you have your trusty rashvest on. No 3 is that they can give you a little extra layer of warmth for a lot less cost than a new wetsuit. (No 4 – everyone can see how buff you are after your sessions at the gym)

Useful Rash Vest Advice

The only advice that you really need when buying a rashvest is when buying a vest that will not be worn under a wetsuit make sure that the vest offers UV protection. One last think – if you are going to wear your rash vest with boardshorts and not under a wetsuit it will need to be a tight fit, if it is a little loose the water can get in under it and cause all sorts of problems.